Advertising restrictions on social networks for some products on the market are an obstacle in LATAM for brand and product recognition. Our direct sales model through our app generates tremendous word-of-mouth marketing without the advertising restrictions of social media.

Some highlights of TRADEBOG:


  • First direct sales marketplace for entrepreneurs and brands of special products.
  • Users generate orders through our app, TRADEBOG delivers and collects payments.
  • Positioned to capitalize on the more than 12 million people who make direct and door-to-door sales in LATAM.

Like some successful cases of platforms such as Uber, Cabify and Airbnb, we generate traction based on creating opportunities for people to generate income, establishing long-term engagement with our business partners, building knowledge in the Skincare.

Exponential growth

Technology leveraged business

International-class management team

Innovative products with disruptive ingredients.


If you are interested in more information on how to Invest in the Technological Platform, please fill out the form or write to with the Subject: Inversión Tradebog S.A.S.

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